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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Author Interview: KZ Riman

Interview with 
KZ Riman, 
author of 
Kissing Another Grimaldi

Today we're welcoming author KZ Riman, author of the Kissing Bovaghnian Rogues series, to The Happy Book Reviewer!

The first book of the series, Kissing Another Grimaldi, is now out in e-book and print from Eternal Press. When her beloved dies, Kelsey Fontez is left alone, pregnant with his son. Years later she decides to introduce her son to his grandparents (the wealthy Grimaldis) and hopefully give him a chance at a better life. The baby's uncle, Scott Grimaldi, has lusted after Kelsey for many years and must decide if trying for her affections is worth losing his inheritance, having to care for his brother’s son, and throwing away his life-long dreams.

I know there's a place in southern Italy named Grimaldi-- is this where the book Is set? Or is It set elsewhere, and perhaps the family is Italian?

Riman: Actually, the book is set in a made-up country named Khazkathia. The reason I created a completely different world is for the readers to really feel the “escape” from reality, even when Kissing the Bovaghnian Rogues isn’t a fantasy series. I plan to use this country with all my books in the series and any other book I dream to have with Eternal Press.

You have a lot of travel-related photos and dreams on your blog (www.kzriman.wordpress.com) and you're currently living in The Philippines. Is travel a passion of yours, or perhaps a dream?

Riman: I haven’t been to a lot of places, but I definitely want to travel, starting with my own province and country. It is part of my future plans, which I hope will push through in the near future.

The cover of the book, done by the super-talented Amanda Kelsey, is just beautiful! How did you feel first seeing your characters, after just imagining how they looked during the writing process? Do they match what you saw in your mind's eye?

Riman: Most definitely loved it! I gasped seeing it. It was exactly how I described I wanted it to look like. Amanda did a great job putting to arts what I had in mind for the book.

The cover is very steamy, appropriate for a very steamy book! I love Scott Grimaldi's smoky gaze at the viewer. Whew! So, I have to ask, did you tell your parents you were writing a really sexy book? Did you let them read it, or did you have to censor the sexy parts?

Riman: I did tell my family I was writing for a very steamy genre. I received different reactions, especially from my grandparents (and I am talking about ALL grandparents from the whole clan). Some were excited, while others scolded me. My mom, my sister and grandmother (my mom’s mom) were thrilled and they hugged me upon hearing the news of a debut novel. (They haven’t read any part of the book, though.)

What was the most difficult thing about writing this book? What was the most fun part?

Riman: Imagining the love scenes so I could write them in detail was the most difficult part, but the most fun at the same time, in writing Kissing Another Grimaldi. I mean, I had to stop every now and then to drink a glass of water. *wink*

Haha! Now, you're quite the reader too. If you could be in any novel, which would it be? Would you be yourself, living amongst the characters, or would you want to switch places with one of the existing characters?

Riman: I think I would rather be myself and live amongst the characters of all of my favourite novels. I think I would want to see who I would be and what I would become when placed in another world.

You had been working on a Master's Degree, correct? What field are you studying?

Riman: I actually have taken a break from studying for now. I was supposed to be working on my thesis already, but when I left teaching College English and became a supervisor in the retail industry, I didn’t have much time. I am planning to continue studying this year since I recently moved to a different job, which allows me more time. When I finish it, I’ll have my degree of Master of Education in English.

As if that wouldn't keep you busy enough, I'm guessing you're working on the next book in the Kissing Bovaghnian Rogues series. Can you give us a hint on what it is about?

Riman: It’s the prequel. Aunt Kaidence and Uncle Andrew, and their secret island, have been mentioned a few times in my current book. Theirs is a story of steaming romance and suspense. Someone is after Kaidence. As Andrew, her bodyguard then, falls distracted to her charms, they find themselves in the pit of a tragedy with no escape but to decide who takes a bullet for whom.

Exciting! So... everyone should get their hands on Kissing Another Grimaldi so they can be ready for the prequel when It comes out! You get the e-book or print version at:

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