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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Who took YOUR breath away?

The most recent Goodreads review of Deep Green says: 

"I believe that by the end of this book Leah became one of my all-time favorite female protagonist in a YA book. She's just sixteen (turns seventeen while stranded) and despite all that she encounters, all that she has to do to survive, she isn't whiny. She only had one true breakdown in the entire book and it is well deserved! The other characters I loved as well. I felt that Haddad did a wonderful job creating them. With just a few sentences she is able to paint a picture of what these characters look like and how they act... And Musir! I loved him. He is a recent immigrant to America with his parents and speaks little English though he understands it well. And boy was Leah (and I) taken with him!
I could have sworn it was silent all over the ship in that moment. The ocean stood still, the wind slowed, and the other passengers walked silently. It must have been so. I certainly couldn't register a sound. It was as though the world awaited his voice and words.
I think every teen girl has felt that way about a boy at some point in their life. I know I did! "

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This review has spurred today's question for YOU in honor of Valentine's Day:
What boy or girl took your breath away? 



  1. There was this one girl, blonde with glasses, in the sixth grade that was my first crush. I got over her soon.

  2. Thanks for doing the Blog Hop and Happy Valentine's Day!