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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Review: Evolution of a Stir

Title: Evolution of a Stir
Author: Cindy Cullen Farmer
Genre: Self-Help/ Inner Child/ Memoir
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Back Blurb: "A collection of stories describing a spiritual evolution, Cindy Cullen Farmer writes of her journey…to quit a long time job in pursuit of a purpose filled life. From finances, to spirit, to career; a series of revelations began a process of change. Follow the journey to a stirring of a soul."

My Review: 
As I write this, Evolution of a Stir by Cindy Cullen Farmer is on the Amazon Best Sellers list for the Inner Child section. 

Awesome! :-)

This short, delightful collection of essays traces a season of change in the life of the author. 

Major change. Deliberate change. 

So often, the bends in the road are due to curve balls coming at us. Cindy Cullen Farmer has had plenty of those in her life, but that's not what has left her in the funk she's in when we join her at the start of the book. No, she's adapted as needed and has been for a long time a respectable employee, mother, and citizen. But inside is brewing something dark.

It isn't until an eye-opening road trip that she recognizes the depths of her depression for what it is, and accepts that she needs to make major changes. 

"I came home different and inspired. As my dark cloud lifted, I saw with clarity the purpose for my storm."

The essays move along her journey of discovery-- the decision to quit her long-time job, realizing a passion for writing and volunteerism, a deepening relationship with God, and even just being in a position of staring at the blank space on the canvas before her. 

"Conflicting desires to nest into old age or jump into adventure occupied my thoughts."

You can't read this book and not like the author. She's so emotionally vulnerable, but always keeps her intellect and gorgeous imagery. What is difficult about the book is that, of course, she is still on her path of discovery. As a writer, I know first-hand the path she's starting on and how it can be such a constant struggle: to write, to edit, to get published, to sell copies. She has a long and rough road ahead. I hope she can cling to the joy of writing-- that is what sustains a writer. But because she's still on this path, the book can feel like reading a blog that just stops, leaving you wondering whatever happened. 

I wonder if her story could be fleshed out into a strong, longer work of fiction. Then she could give the full arch of a character and give the character whatever outcome she wants. Alternately, she could use her experiences to build in more self-help-- rather than just her own story, how could a reader in a similar position successfully make a huge change mid-life like she has? 

Either that, or she'd got to keep writing more of these bite-sized memoirs as she continues on her path! Ya can't just leave us hanging, Cindy! Overall, a delightful series of essays that leave the reader cheering for the heroine... I mean, author. 

You can find Evolution of a Stir for Kindle here, or get one of a limited number of print editions at the author's website here.

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