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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Book Spotlight: Down On The Other Street

Down On The Other Street: 
Volume I
Jennifer Cie

ISBN: 978-1500442293
ASIN: 978-0-9903170-3-6
Genre: Short Story, New Adult

" Be fearless and reckless 

when you’re supposed to be 

quiet and traditional."

--Down On The Other Street

About the book:

Long winded, unemployed, and timid, on the first date Brendan Bloom is already in love. Comfortably arched over his body, Ryan contemplates murder. Cold, necklace gleaming against the pale tint of her collarbone, the passenger could have mercy. Not a little black book, but a faded love letter out from under the sheets. Some romances ignite on sight, others flare at the base of waterless tubs soaked in agitation. Rooted in the South, this  collection of short stories delivers five electric confessions of love, sexuality, and identity across time. 

About the author: 

Jennifer Cie is a Tennessee native who loves taking aimless road trips and diving into social issues through her writing.When she is not indulging her guilty pleasure of taste testing whiskey and low grade tequila—for science, you can find her rambling about poor life decisions, book formatting, and everything in between on her blog.

You can find more about Jennifer and Down On The Other Street at: www.journeytopaperback.com

She's also on Twitter: @JenniferCie

Find Jennifer on Goodreads at: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5215342.Jennifer_Cie

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