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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Book Spotlight: Get on Board Little Children

Get on Board Little Children 
~Children in Hiding Book 1~
Victoria Randall

Genre: Historical Fiction
In a future marked by high-tech surveillance, an unlicensed pregnancy is a felony. It can lead to loss of the child as well as devastating fines and imprisonment. Targeted by the corrupt population-control police, Sophie must make a painful decision. She can submit to the state's harsh demands. Or she can go on the run, relying on the conductors of the revived Underground Railway. Confronted with deception and violence, she must learn to trust her instincts. If she hesitates she risks the loss of everything she values most. 

Fast-paced dystopian thriller, GET ON BOARD LITTLE CHILDREN takes the heroine from the drone-watched streets of Seattle to the dangerous Tijuana border, while exploring a future that may be closer than we imagine.

“In spite of Sophie’s exhaustion, her sleep was restless and broken. Dark figures moved around her, a sharp-toothed creature bared fangs and bit her arm, a tree reached down gnarled branches that coiled around her, lifting and carrying her away. She cried out for her husband, but he was not there. Her father tried to sooth her, but he melted away, replaced by Rivas’ stony features staring down at her, until his eyebrows crawled off his face and turned into black moths that fluttered away.”
--from Get on Board Little Children

About the Author

Victoria Randall lives in Seattle, where she works as a case manager. A graduate of Oberlin College, she is the author of The Ring of the Dark Elves, published in 2003, and the Children in Hiding series. She believes in the power of story, especially science fiction and fantasy, to help us appreciate the textures of our own reality and create new visions for our lives.

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